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Founding Principle

The central role of both the Guajome Park Academy Board of Directors and the Guajome Learning Centers Board of Directors is to be the keepers of the mission of the organizations. The Boards will work to promote a shared vision among all members and stakeholders. The Boards will continuously model that vision through its work, practices, and achievements. The Board of Directors will concern itself first and foremost with student achievement, what it can do to support and enhance that achievement, and how it can help build a sense of connectedness and community for each student and stakeholder.

In order to facilitate and support the vision and mission of Guajome, members of the Board of Directors are committed to:

  • Embrace the vision and mission of the organization;

  • Ensure implementation of strategic planning;

  • Ensure that students participate in educational programs aimed at stimulating high academic achievement in a safe nurturing, and respectful learner-centered environment;

  • Ensure that students use "cutting edge" technology as a tool for problem solving;

  • Ensure that the educational program includes and international perspective designed to create contributing citizens who live and work in a global society;

  • Implement annual goals established by the Board;

  • Conduct annual self-assessment of the Board; and

  • Identify and align appropriate resources and support for educational goals, using collaborative processes with all stakeholders, which includes selection and development of staff, seeking and establishing partnerships throughout the community, program development, and maximizing current income sources, as well as pursuing new income sources for identified priorities.‚Äč