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The Associated Student Body is a group of student leaders who support the school by building a positive school culture. ASB helps share students' ideas, interests and concerns. Students help raise funds for school-wide activities, plan social events, dances and lunch activities, as well as planning community service projects and helping people in need. The Guajome Park Academy ASB program meets on select days during middle school and high school lunch and after school hours.  

20-21 High School Executive Board
Executive President Izak Bunda
Executive Vice Andrea Martinez
Executive Treasurer Bethany Doyle
Executive Secretary Geanee Espino
Head Commissioner Alyssa Toves


Titled Commissioners
School Climate Chair Lexi Hoffman
Special Projects Chair Savannah Anno
School Culture Chair Xavier Padilla
Special Events Chair Jimena Villalobos
Publicity and Media Chair Jaydyn Diaz


20-21 Middle School Executive Board
Executive President Angela Zenteno
Executive Vice Leyla Barrera
Executive Secretary Emily Baler
Executive Treasurer Tyler Trump


Titled Commissioners
School Climate Chair Kaitlyn Torres
Special Projects Chair Daniel Navarro
School Culture Chair  
Special Events Anthony Maldonado


ASB Coordinator
Contact Katy Perkins  Katy Perkins (760) 631-8500 ex: 2112 Coordinator of School Culture & Climate / ASB Director