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Community Service

think globally, act locally!

All students at GPA are required to perform 30 hours of community service during each school year per the GPA Charter. Community service is a donated service or activity performed by someone in order to make a difference for an individual person, a given group, or the greater community. The purpose of community service is to embrace our Schoolwide Learning Outcomes (SLOs), meet our IB eligibility criteria, get involved, contribute, and be engaged in the community!

Service Guidelines
  1. Students may choose many different types of community service. The type of service that a student chooses to complete will involve giving of time to the community or school.

  2. Students should keep a record of community service on the designated Community Service Forms and submit them to the appropriate person.

  3. All community service hours must be completed during the school year.*

  4. Students will be informed of community service opportunities, but are also expected to seek out other opportunities.

  5. The chosen service must be for someone outside of the immediate family and the form must be signed off by that third-person.

*For additional completion guidelines, please review the Student Handbook.