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Appreciation Station
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Acknowledge, appreciate, or congratulate a teacher or staff member who has positively impacted you here at Guajome! Send in your SHOUT OUT by emailing us below, or fill out a Shout Out card at the APPRECIATION STATION located in the Main Office.

-Thank you for your participation!

Contact Guajome Staff SHOUT OUT  Guajome Staff SHOUT OUT Send Your Message!

Contact & Directory

Contact Kevin Humphrey  Kevin Humphrey (760) 631-8500 ex: 1222 Superintendent
Contact Lindsay Arias  Lindsay Arias (760) 631-8500 ex: 1020 Administrator- Guajome Park Primary Academy
Contact Jocelyn Baldwin  Jocelyn Baldwin (760) 631-8500 ex: 1223 Administrator - Guajome Learning Centers
Contact Danielle Hernandez  Danielle Hernandez (760) 631-8500 ex: 1059 Administrator of Intervention and Student Support
Contact Kellen Slack  Kellen Slack (760) 631-8500 ex: 1044 Director of Business Services
Contact Judd Thompson  Judd Thompson (760) 631-8500 ex: 1062 Administrator of Curriculum and Learning Support
Contact Dawn Voss  Dawn Voss (760) 631-8500 ex: 1222 Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
Contact Adam Tenney  Adam Tenney (760) 631-8500 ex: 2111 Athletic Director/Teacher
Contact Rebecca Wade  Rebecca Wade Attendance Technician
Business Services
Contact Yelena Gimpelman  Yelena Gimpelman (760) 631-8500 ex: 1031 Targeted Funding/ ELD Coordinator
Contact Kellen Slack  Kellen Slack (760) 631-8500 ex: 1044 Director of Business Services
Contact Kendria Tavares  Kendria Tavares (760) 631-8500 ex: 1030 Accountant Specialist
Contact Alex Visser  Alex Visser (760) 631-8500 ex: 1063 Accountant Specialist
Child Nutrition Services
Contact Patsy Tofia  Patsy Tofia Nutrition Services
Counseling Department
Contact Alaina Krystek  Alaina Krystek (760) 631-8500 ex: 1206 Counselor
Contact Kay Preston  Kay Preston (760) 631-8500 ex: 1210 Counseling Assistant
Contact Jodi Richardson  Jodi Richardson (760) 631-8500 ex: 1204 Counselor
Contact Daniel Whittaker  Daniel Whittaker (760) 631-8500 ex: 1205 Counselor
Culture & Climate
Contact Katy Perkins  Katy Perkins (760) 631-8500 ex: 2112 Coordinator of School Culture & Climate / ASB Director
Extended School Services
Contact Jennifer Cabrera  Jennifer Cabrera (760) 631-8500 ex: 1061 German Teacher/ GESS Supervisor
Contact Sylvia Harper  Sylvia Harper (760) 631-8500 ex: 1110 Site Manager
Contact Luis Llamas  Luis Llamas (760) 631-8500 ex: 1025 Plant Manager
Health Office
Contact Kim Maler  Kim Maler (760) 631-8500 ex: 2107 Health Technician
Human Resources
Contact Suzi Royer  Suzi Royer (760) 631-8500 ex: 1060 Human Resources Technician
Information Technology
Contact Tech Support  Tech Support Helpdesk
Contact Lisa Borawski  Lisa Borawski Library Technician
Office/ Reception
Contact Mayra Estevez  Mayra Estevez Office Assistant
Contact Julie Hoopes  Julie Hoopes Office Assistant
Contact Maria Llamas  Maria Llamas (760) 631-8500 ex: 1000 Office Assistant / Reception
Contact Amber Lloyd  Amber Lloyd (760) 631-8500 ex: 1062 Administrative Projects Support Specialist
Contact Regina Small  Regina Small Office Assistant
Contact Tracy Lusco  Tracy Lusco Security
Contact Gustavo Quinones  Gustavo Quinones Security
Contact Oscar Smith  Oscar Smith Security
School Psychologist
Contact Alex Huynen  Alex Huynen (760) 631-8500 ex: 2234 School Psychologist
Contact Cheyenne Matteson  Cheyenne Matteson (760) 631-8500 ex: 1015 School Psychologist
Special Education
Contact Courtney Cook  Courtney Cook (760) 631-8500 ex: 1118 Special Education Program Coordinator