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Dress Code

Student behavior is greatly improved, which leads to a more productive working environment, when a student is dressed appropriately for school. GPA has established a dress code that gives families flexibility in the way their student dresses. Use good judgment when dressing for school and all school related events. Appropriate dress is an important life skill a student needs to learn. Dress codes are reviewed and renewed as styles change and as students use clothes to make negative affiliations with outside groups or dress becomes a safety issue. A student will not be allowed to remain at school in clothing that is inappropriate or otherwise unsafe, offensive, or disruptive to instruction. Consequences for inappropriate clothing range from a simple change of clothing and/or detention to student suspension from school, depending on the specific infraction of school policy.

State law requires that students wear shoes at all times.

The following clothing items are NOT allowed:

  • Visible undergarments or midriff/backless tops or dresses/tube tops/overalls with inappropriate skin exposure

  • Shorts with less than a three-inch inseam or that are inappropriately worn or tattered

  • Revealing clothing; if needed, appropriate clothing will be provided in the GPA Health Office.

  • Tank style underwear shirts with less than 1 ½ inch wide straps

  • Excessively large pants that sag or drag on the ground; pants with one leg rolled up

  • Belt buckles, wristbands, belts, jewelry, or any clothing with spikes

  • Chains

  • Clothing written on or marked in a “tag” or graffiti style

  • Clothing displaying inappropriate images/messages such as alcohol, tobacco, drugs or violence

  • Clothing displaying images/messages that may be offensive to others and would be interruptive to the learning process

  • Rings or jewelry that could be considered a weapon or choker style pet chains

  • Gang style clothing or accessories including gang colors or emblems; this includes bandanna print scarves, hairnets, hoods, etc.

  • Flip-flops

Repeated violation of the dress code(s) shall be considered disruption of school activities and/or willful defiance of valid school personnel authority.  Appropriate consequences shall be specified and implemented according to the discipline policies and may lead to suspension, expulsion, or dismissal from GPA.