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Challenge Timeline

January 13-17 Introduction to Guajome's Challenge

January 21-24: Week 2 Guajome's Challenge

January 27: Rachel's Challenge Assembly

January 27: Friends of Rachel training after school and community event at 6:00 pm

January 30: Rachel's Challenge "Chain Reaction" all-day training

February 3 - 7: Kindness week

February 7: Character Strong assembly

February 10 - 13: Friends of Rachel activities

February 24-28: Guajome's Challenge wrap-up

March 2 - 6: "Say Something Week"

Contact Katy Perkins  Katy Perkins (760) 631-8500 ex: 2112 Coordinator of School Culture & Climate / ASB Director

Guajome's Challenge

Guajome’s Challenge is a campus culture campaign that encourages kindness and community. Students and staff check their email daily to find out how to participate. We encourage all of our stakeholders to take part in the daily challenges on and off campus!

Daily Challenges

Day 1: Start with Hello

Day 2: Give a Compliment

Day 3: Congratulate

Day 4: Show Interest

Day 5: Keep our Campus Clean

Day 6: Introduce Yourself

Day 7: Be Kind to Yourself

Day 8: Invite someone new to sit with you at lunch

Day 9: Express Empathy

Day 10: Be Present

Day 11: Support Guajome Athletics

Day 12: Put Down the Phone

Day 13: Laugh More

Day 14: Celebrate Acts of Courage

Day 15: Send a Kindness Gram