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Parent Portal

The Guajome Park Academy Parent Portal is an easy to use, web-based application that allows parents and students to see student information including class schedules, demographics, test scores, attendance, grades, assignments, graduation status, transcripts and more!

Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to set up an account on the Parent Portal?

You will need the parent letter that was provided to your student during orientation. The letter contains three important pieces of information (Student Permanent ID Number, Primary Home Phone Number, Verification Code) and a copy of the document ‘Creating New Accounts on the Guajome Parent Portal” which is available on the parent page of the Guajome web site.

Who should I call if I have trouble setting up my account?

If you have a problem or a question, please contact the main office at (760) 631-8500.

I heard that my student(s) can set up their own account. Can they do that now?

The portal does allow both parents and students to create their own accounts and we encourage each person that will be accessing the portal to set up their own account.  

If I have two students at Guajome. Do I need to set up two accounts, one for each student?

No, you only need one account to view both students. Once you have your account set up with one student, just log in for that student and scroll over to “Change Student” in the upper left side of the screen. Select “Add a new student” from the drop-down menu. Use the information from the letter for your second student to link their information to your account.

Can anyone set up an account and see my student’s information?

If they have the information in the parent letter, yes, they can set up an account.  We have no way of preventing you from sharing that information with others, so it is up to you to manage that information in a confidential manner. If you want to limit access to your student’s information, keep the letter in a safe place and share the information only with the people that you deem appropriate to view your student’s information.

The information on the student demographics page (address, home phone, etc.) is incorrect. What should I do?

The information on the demographics page is used, among other things, for mailings; sending out attendance, school activities, or emergency notification calls (home phone number and email address); and allowing teachers to notify you of important class events, missing assignments, or other key class information. 

If you need to update your address, please stop by the Front Desk to fill out a Change of Address Form. 

You can update your phone number or emergency contacts through the parent portal. Once you have logged into your parent portal account, scroll over to “Student Info” on the left side of the screen and select “Contacts” from the drop-down menu.