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Drop Off / Pick Up


Pick-up/Drop-off times are extremely busy times.  N. Santa Fe Ave from the North and South have a steady stream of cars coming into Museum Way. Student safety is our #1 priority. Please drive slowly at all times, through dirt lot, on Museum Way and through all parking lots.

Here are some reminders:

Pick-up/Drop Off Zone for Middle School & High School Students: Dirt Lot

Pick-up/Drop Off Zone for GPPA Students K-5: Flag Pole CIRCLE

  • DO NOT pick-up/drop off students in areas that aren’t designated as pick-up/drop-off zones.
  • DO NOT pick-up/drop-off students in line queues or on the street.
  • Do not park in the BUS ZONE
  • Please DO NOT block ADA spaces. Keep area CLEAR.
  • If you want to pick-up without waiting, traffic has usually cleared significantly by 3:25 p.m.
  • In case of emergency, never leave your car unattended in the line.

Safety is the highest priority. Staff may re-direct you to certain areas for pick-up/drop off. Please understand we do so to ensure the safety of our students. Please share these reminders to anyone who may be picking up your student. 

Understanding the traffic flow map

AM Drop Off: Traffic moves much faster in the morning. The Green lines are GPPA only drop offs. The blue lines are MS/HS drop off. Yellow lines will allow for loading and unloading parking. Red means DO NOT PARK at any time. They will TICKET.

PM Pick Up: Traffic moves much slower due to an increase of parents coming very early to pick up their students. 2 lanes come into Museum Way. The LEFT lane, in green, is for GPPA only (plus siblings/rideshare). The RIGHT blue lane is for all other traffic. MS/HS will line up at the DIRT LOT.

Important to note: GPA does not own the property where the dirt lot is located. We are allowed to use it for pick-up/drop-off only. Please drive SLOWLY and SAFELY. Please abide by the NO PARKING area in ORANGE.  All parking longer than 10 minutes needs to be in Visitor Parking on the main campus.

Traffic Flow Map