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If you have questions about Covid-19 and your student's attendance, please click the link below that outlines the protocol.

General Attendance Information

If you are calling in an absence, please call our 24-hour Attendance Hotline at 760-631-8505. For any other questions about attendance, please call 760-631-8500 ext. 1122.


When your student has a doctor appointment or personal appointment that makes it necessary for him to leave school, please first sign your student out at the Attendance window outside Building 1 and your student will be called out of class. 

Doctor's notes can be turned in to the Attendance window. 


Call the Attendance Hotline to report your student's illness 760-631-8505. If the Health Office contacts you and your student must leave from school due to an illness, you will need to first sign your student out at the Attendance window, then you can visit the Health Office to pick up your student. 

Late to School

Excessive tardies to school will result in disciplinary action. 

If your student is late to school, they must report to the Attendance window to obtain a pass to class.