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Multilingual Learners

The vision of our Multilingual education support is to prepare and inspire students to become effective and confident communicators to successfully participate in all aspects of life in their communities.


Embedded in all instructional planning, teaching strategies, and interscholastic activities are the values of respect, trust, collaboration, kindness and equity. In 2017, The California State Board of Education approved the English Learner Roadmap. We use this policy throughout our school community to provide guidance on welcoming, understanding, and educating the diverse population of students we have here at Guajome.  Learn More

English Language Development Instruction

Elementary Student reading to teacher

At Guajome, we provide a comprehensive English language instruction, which includes both integrated ELD and designated ELD support for our English learners. The majority of students who are learning a second language will be provided comprehensive English language development instruction in a separate classroom (ELD). During this class, California ELD standards will be used together with the Common Core ELA standards and other content standards to ensure students strengthen their use of academic English in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.  In all other subject areas, students will be provided with scaffolding, support, and learning strategies to help support student learning and success. All Guajome teachers are teachers of language and provide integrated ELD instruction in every subject by any teacher who has an English learner in his or her classroom.  English learners enter school at different ages and with a range of cultural and linguistic backgrounds, experiences, schooling, and proficiencies in their primary language as well as English. No matter what their background, all are learning English as a second language while simultaneously engaging in challenging instruction across all subject areas. The use of this comprehensive English language development ensures that our English learners use English purposefully while interacting with peers, content, and texts in meaningful ways.