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Order Your Yearbook!

20-21 GPA Yearbooks are available for $58 at Yearbook Forever

11/6/20 - Senior Pictures are due!

1/1/21 - Price changes to $65

2/1/21 - Deadline to purchase a senior memory page available for purchase on

3/27/21 - Price changes to $70

5/24/21 - Price changes to $75

6/1/21 - Senior Yearbook Distribution

Prices for Senior Pages:

  • Full Page $200 (Includes yearbook!)
  • Half Page $115
  • Quarter Page $60
  • Eighth Page $35


Senior Photos

Deadlines are extremely important; therefore, late senior portraits will not be accepted.

We have a set policy regarding the submission of senior pictures:

  • Digital images are required. JPG images are preferred, minimum size 500kb.
  • All pictures must be submitted in full color (no sepia or black-and-white).
  • Vertical portraits only.
  • Have your photographer leave enough space around your face to allow for the yearbook staff to feature you at your best within the design.
  • Note: pictures with “soft focus” appear blurred upon reproduction.
  • Appropriate attired only will be hats, pets, or other accessories/props.
  • The yearbook staff has the right to request a different photograph if the above guidelines are not met.

Seniors may select the photographer of their choice provided the yearbook portrait photograph conforms to the above standards and the photograph is received on/or before November 6, 2020.

We suggest that you contact a photographer as early as possible to set up an appointment. The earlier we receive your portrait, the better. It is highly suggested that you discuss the submission procedures with your photographer, as many photography studios send us photos in batches.

Submission protocol: Portraits should be sent to

 Please wear formal attire with no hats or logo t-shirts.